Take a fresh approach to your finances with our consolidated Payment Service

Whether you are just starting up your business or wish to add e-Commerce as a payment channel, our consolidated payment service provides all the elements your business needs.

Accept online card payments and make bank payments

We provide your business with everything it needs to accept and make both card and bank payments in a simple consolidated payment service.

Comprehensive Account Management System enabling you to manage your cash flow online.

To help you manage your cash flow we provide real time balance reports clearly indicating the position of each payment within the processing flow.

Low cost alternative to a corporate credit card

The Prepaid CashFlows Card is a new and innovative approach to help you manage and stay in control of your business' finances, reducing the time taken to manage staff expenses.

Our Payment Services

Accept Card Payments

Card Acceptance Icon
At CashFlows we provide you with everything your business needs to accept card payments in a simple consolidated payment service.
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Business Account

Business Account Icon
The CashFlows Business Account is an alternative to your traditional business banking, designed to help you manage your money and make low cost bank payments.
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Prepaid Card Services

Prepaid Card Services
CashFlows Prepaid Card Services can provide Bin Sponsorship or fully managed prepaid card programmes for use in all areas of industry.
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Consolidate Payment Service Consolidated Payment Service
Unlike traditional Banks, our consolidated payment service allows businesses to both accept card payments and make bank payments. It also enables businesses to manage its funds using a single, simple and comprehensive Account Management System.

Fast Setup Fast Setup and Access to Funds
Our simple online application process enables your business to be live and trading in just 10 minutes. We also believe that when your cash flows your business grows, which is why we instantly remit your available funds from card processing to your Business Account.

Low Cost Transparent Pricing Low Cost Transparent Pricing
Our pricing plans are clear and easy to understand with no hidden costs offering your business attractive rates and excellent value for money.

Additional services Additional services that support your business' growth
Included in our consolidated payment service is a Virtual Terminal, an e-Invoicing service, multi currency accounts and the Prepaid CashFlows Card - all available at no additional cost.

Customer Support Simple & Jargon Free Customer Support
Our UK-based customer support team provide clear, simple and jargon free help on a range of topics from how to get your business started to how to integrate your website to our payment gateway.

Easy Integration Easy Integration
CashFlows provides a range of secure integration methods including a PCI DSS Compliant Hosted Payment Page allowing your business control over the payment process.

Security Secure and Trusted
CashFlows' card payment processing system has the highest level of card data security and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant providing you with peace of mind that you are protected against fraud.

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