ATM Sponsorship
ATM Sponsorship

CashFlows has several years of expertise of ATM sponsorship and work with many of the largest Independent ATM deployers in UK, as well as working with the leading transaction processor. Currently we provide services to over 50% of the UK's 66,000 ATMs with this proportion growing on a monthly basis.

Being a principal member of Visa and Mastercard gives you the guarantee of knowing the funds due to your ATM business will be settled to a principal member and you will receive them in good time. We have a proven track record of setting up new programmes quickly and liaise with Visa and Mastercard throughout the process to ensure a smooth process.

Why work with CashFlows?

Key benefits 3 Proven track record of ATM Sponsorship

Key benefits 3 Relationship with the UK's principal ATM transaction processor

Key benefits 3 Fast set-up times

Key benefits 3 Offer additional value added services, including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

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