No cash please, we’re Swedish

Cash usage in Sweden is low, yet the costs of running an ATM network are high and rising. We examine the Swedish solution and its implications for other markets

The rise and rise of prepaid

Find out more about why prepaid is seeing exponential growth and how CashFlows can help you launch and run prepaid programmes

The growing importance of independent ATM deployers

Against the backdrop of declining cash usage, banks have to think smart about how they cut and share the costs of their ATM estates

Bricks or clicks - a false choice?

Does the internet mean the end of the UK high street? Not necessarily. We explore how some of the high street's best known brands are using it to their advantage

How to get the best out of a payments partner

What makes a great partner relationship? With our significant sector experience, we outline 5 key touchpoints that any potential partner should be considering

Has Europe gone cashless?

Far from it - our infographic shows that a cashless society is yet to arrive and it appears that cash as a habit, is a habit hard to break

The cash contradiction

Online payments continue to rise, and contactless payments tripled in 2016 alone. But in many ways cash is still king. CashFlows explores why

Rainy days for the high street

High winds & heavy rain in Q1 2018 kept shoppers at home. Another reminder that getting online is key to staying competitive, whatever the weather

Going Dutch

In the next in our series on alternative payment methods we look at the popular Dutch payment, iDEAL