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Prepaid programme management

Find out how CashFlows can leverage its industry relationships and scheme memberships to help programme managers grow their businesses


Issuing BIN Sponsorship - the CashFlows way

We asked Barry Thirkell, Senior Business Development Manager for CashFlows’ Issuing, about some of the opportunities in BIN Sponsorshop today.


The rise of alternative payments

Today, operating successfully online takes a lot more than accepting debit and credit cards. You have to think locally. 

The tech behind FinTech

This article appeared in The Future of Fintech special report published in the Sunday Telegraph on the 28th January.

The future of financial collaboration

This article appeared in the Business Reporter on Monday 29th January 2018.

BIN sponsorship

Want to cut the red tape and get to market quicker? BIN sponsorship partnerships are the answer. Here is your introduction to the world of BIN sponsorship.