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Digital entertainment

Maximising payment success for the online entertainment sector



Whether it’s customer pay-ins or pay-outs or your own back-office payments, it’s important for funds to flow.

Our acquiring platform has tailored functionality which make us a perfect match for the gambling sector. With a raft of features such as custom descriptors (helping to reduce Chargebacks) and original credit transactions (OCT) for pay-outs we are able to help you optimise the player's payments experience.  

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When it comes to supporting online gaming platforms, our service is game-changing.

We offer everything from micro-payment processing for pay-ins, to funds transfer or original credit transactions (OCT) for pay-outs. Our custom descriptor helps customers label their own payments as a memory jogger on their statement to minimise Chargebacks.

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Subscription and membership services have to be easy to set up and easy to cancel. We’re direct members of all major card schemes, which means we can set up and process regular payments via cards. Irrespective of whether the card numbers remain valid or get updated, you can be confident that payment will be taken successfully on the due date.

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