Financial services

Hassle-free payments to power the financial sector


Whether it’s securing renewal revenues from existing customers, managing pay-outs or cutting back-office costs, we can help.

We’re direct members of all major card schemes so can set up and process regular payments via cards. We can pay out that way too, which cuts the time, cost and hassle of cheques.

And in the case of lost or stolen cards, we automatically update card details shortly before the next billing date.

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Cheques bounce. Direct debits get rejected. Our mission is to ensure you and your customers get paid online on time. But once a card payment is authorised, there’s peace-of-mind that the funds are on their way.

We can help you set up recurring payments on cards and maximise authorisations for you and your customers through smart routing and auto updates of lost, stolen and expired card numbers.

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Investment services

Investment services

If you’re a share-dealer or a funds manager, time is of the essence when you accept client instructions. And so is payment. Once a card payment is authorised, you can rest easy that the funds are on their way.

CashFlows offers card acceptance plus additional features such as pay-outs to keep you and your customers trading. 

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