Don't wait for what's yours:

In business, cash-flow is king. But when accepting card payments businesses are often kept waiting for their money – three days, five days, two weeks, or even longer. We say, enough of that. We say, its your money, you choose when you get it. We’ve challenged ourselves to find ways to offer faster settlement1 options to our customers so there’s no need to wait days for your funds to clear. Now you can choose to get your money into your merchant account tomorrow2. And soon3, you’ll be able to say, actually, I want it there today. Because sometimes a day can make all the difference.

At Cashflows, we’re working for you. When others say it takes time, we say, take it. It’s yours.

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1 Settlement means funds are available in your merchant account, your business bank may have varying lead times when transferring funds. 2 Business must have been trading for 6 months or more - subject to further application criteria. 3 Feature coming in 2021.

Don't wait

Faster Settlements

Settle your funds the very next day

Account Updater

Automatically update your customers debit and credit card details

Speedy On-boarding

Boarding and activation in real-time

Real-time Data

View your transactions in real-time, anytime

Shopping Cart Support

Native integration with major shopping carts

Virtual Terminal

Customisable with Pay by Link. Ecommerce and Direct API features

SME's want faster settlements

69% of small and medium businesses we surveyed* said they want to receive their card payments more quickly

*Cashflows 'Faster Cash Report 2019' - UK SME Annual payment trends








Cashflows offers impressive benefits to help businesses increase sales:

Our Hosted Payments Page blends in with your website and is compatible with any device

We help you with compliance. Managing disputes. PCI. Staying on the right side of the regulator.

Speedy on-boarding. Our Card Present platform enables merchants to be boarded and activated in real time with automated customer authentication.

Supports all major card schemes, including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. Plus ApplePay, SamsungPay and GooglePay.

Reporting. Wherever you are. Quick summary or nitty-gritty detail. Our portal lets you see your transactions in real-time, anytime.

Automatically update lost or stolen customer card details with Account Updater. Saving you valuable time and money