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Maximising payments

More right-first-time sales, more of the time

Convert sales

Credit cards are used by more than 50% of online shoppers worldwide. Yet more than half of global e-commerce is made with payment methods other than bank cards, according to research firm yStats.com. The trend for alternative payments is set to continue. The share of alternative payment methods in worldwide online retail sales is projected to increase, while bankcard payment decreases.

We help you convert more sales more of the time by offering a variety of ways to pay. That’s everything from traditional cards to local alternatives and sector-specific options.

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Maximise acceptance

Declined payments are the ultimate lose-lose for you and your customers.

We find the best ways to route payment requests to prevent declines before they happen. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve been constantly enhancing our behind-the-scenes intelligent routing capabilities.

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Prevent disputed payments

Sometimes known as chargebacks, disputed card payments are when previously-processed sales are returned to you unpaid. One of the most common reasons for this is when customers don’t recognise statement items.

We’ve devised a solution. It’s so simple, we’re surprised many others don’t do the same. We let customers type in a descriptor when they’re checking out with you. We flow this through to their statement to act as a memory jogger to prevent chargebacks.

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