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The winning payments proposition for players and operators

How many potential players do you lose to declined transactions?

Too many! Be it down to card scheme rules, jurisdiction, or the issuers – there are many reasons why 7995 transactions are potentially blocked. This presents fundamental problems to gambling operators, not least in lost players, but customer acquisition budgets not being optimized and equally a poor customer and brand experience when the relationship should just be getting started. 


Payr is a proven success

Payr is an app-managed, global payments transaction recovery solution ensuring more of your players can play when they choose your site to game with. In the UK our data shows us that 13% of gambling account top up transactions fail due to reasons beyond the customer having insufficient funds. Payr has an established success rate of recovering 87% of these previously lost transactions*.

What can Payr do for your business?  

Get in touch and we can analyse your declined transaction data and give you a view on the percentage of transactions that Payr could have resolved for your business.  

*Based on a recent review of Payr acceptance rates for the month of August 2017 using the average rate across all serviced countries.

The Payr Card is issued and operated by CashFlows Europe Limited, pursuant to a license by Visa Europe. Visa and the Visa Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Visa. 


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