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Hosted Payment Page

The Hosted Payment Page integration method provides web developers a quick integration to the online Payment Gateway and full Payment Page functionality for processing online card payments.

The Hosted Payment Page can be fully customised to match the "look and feel" of the merchant's website. For further information, please review to our Customisation Guidelines.

To process an online payment using the Hosted Payment Page, your website needs to send a simple 'Purchase Request' to our payment gateway to initiate the transaction and CashFlows completes the rest of the process.

The shopper is will be returned to the merchant's website with the results of the online payment request. This service is hosted on the secure Payment Servers which are fully PCI DSS certified, so the merchant is not required to have their own SSL certificate.

Benefits of the Hosted Payment Page:

  • No cost for SSL certificate: PCI DSS requires that web pages accepting credit card information must have SSLv3 128-bit minimum certificates. The Hosted Payment Page has a 128-bit to 256-bit certificate with full "green bar" functionality for extra customer confidence.
  • Reduced PCI DSS considerations: PCI DSS states that any site accepting card information must NEVER store the CVV, and if it does store the card number, it must be 256-bit AES encrypted. Most web servers log traffic to and from them which may include card numbers. These logs would have to be audited on a continual basis to ensure that card numbers are not being stored.
  • Ease of integration: As opposed to other integration methods, the Hosted Payment Page integration is VERY simple. You just have to submit a simple web form to us and then display the response that our host sends back.
  • Plug-in availability: We have Hosted Payment Page plug-ins readily available for almost all our available shopping carts.

Payment Page Integration Guide

The Payment Page Integration Guide details the process of integrating CashFlows to process payments for customers buying from your online store. The guide explains how to integrate your site with the CashFlows secure payments pages, how to setup secure transaction callbacks so you know when a customer has made a purchase, and how to configure the CashFlows merchant administration system.

Download the Payment Page Integration Guide