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Customisation Guidelines

To help you customise your payment page so that it looks like the rest of your website, you can use the basic customisation editor contained with your Account Management System, or with some experience in HTML and CSS you can fully customised your payment page using payment page container files.

Basic Customisation Editor

Using the Payment Page Customisation Editor your can change the colour scheme of a wide range of elements that are displayed on the payment page so that are more aligned with your branding. The Payment Page Customisation Editor also enbles you to simply replace the CashFlows Top Banner Logo with you own Logo or image.

Advanced Customisation

With some experience in HTML and CSS you can completely customise the payment pages look and feel to match your websites design. To customise the payment page you will need to upload payment page container files, and any style sheets or images referenced in the container files. The body.inc payment page container file surrounds the content of payment pages and allows you to include your own header and footer HTML, for example:

<div class="container"> /* your HTML header content here */
/* Payment Page */
/* your HTML Footer content here */

When the payment page is then rendered to the shopper the @@PAGE@@ tag is substituted with the payment page content.

To change the look and feel of the payment page itself you will need to update the profile.css style sheet containing all the relevant CSS classes used by the payment page.

Download the Default Payment Page Inline Style Sheet (CSS 8.63 KB)

Payment Page Integration Guide

The Payment Page Integration Guide explains how to integrate your site with the CashFlows secure payments pages and provides further details on how to customise the payment page using the editor or by uploading your own design and style sheets.

Download the Payment Page Integration Guide (PDF 1.27 MB)