Payment Gateway API

The payment gateway API provides an API for creating new payments, refunds and other payment related operations. This service handles extensive validation and conversion for each request, as well as providing a security layer by doing authentication and authorisation checks.

If you have your own payment form, you can use the API to send payment requests to the gateway for processing, this integration variant requires you to collect the card data which increases your PCI-compliance scope. If you want to minimize your PCI-compliance requirements, we recommend that you use the hosted payment page for collecting card details, the API can still be used to process follow on transactions such as refunds and captures, API payment processing can also be performed using tokens, for example, recurring payments.

Using the API can reduce manual processes for tasks such as refunds and captures which can be handled programmatically rather than using the gateway portal.

To use the API you will need to retrieve credentials from the portal, the API key (password) and Configuration ID can be found in the Configuration section of the Portal.

API key 
More information about setting up your environment and signing API calls, endpoints and full API documentation can be found in the Developer Portal: 


How it works

Your website will need to create and populate API calls with the required parameters and send them it to the gateway, the gateway will validate your request, perform the requested action and send a reply which will include the status of your request.  Code samples are available in the Developer portal for different API calls including but not limited to:

  • Creating a payment job
  • Retrieving a payment job
  • Refunds
  • Captures
  • Creating tokens

Payment processing integration

A technical project will be required for developers to place the API calls in the required areas of your system and create logic to handle the API replies.