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Remote API

With the Remote API the merchant can collect the payment card details on their own website, allowing the web developer to have full control of all aspects of the online payment process, including the design of the payment page.

Whether you develop in Java, ASP, .NET or PHP, our Remote API is designed for you to quickly and easily integrate with our online Payment Gateway.

To ensure the required level of data security, merchants using this service must be already PCI DSS compliant and have an SSLv3 certificate from a reputable authority. This service is therefore recommended for medium to large enterprises requiring a fully customised payments solution.

Benefits of the Remote API:

  • Access: All of our products can be controlled through the Remote API, whether you want to process a payment, register card information for secure storage on our system, setup a recurring payment, check the status of existing subscriptions or refund a customer.
  • Site integration: If you would like to integrate card processing more directly into your site, then the Remote API is the ideal solution. You can store card references on your site for loyal customers so that they don't have to put their card details in each time, or display the status of a customers subscription to your product.

Remote API Integration Guide

The Remote API Integration Guide details the process of integrating CashFlows to process payments for customers buying from your online store. The guide explains how to integrate your site with the CashFlows where you collect all customer and card details on your site and pass them directly to us for authorisation. It also explains how to receive and interpret the response to card authorisation requests and how to send payment request to the m-Commerce payment gateway.

Download the Remote API Integration Guide (PDF 241 KB)