Shopper Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why have the goods that I have ordered not been delivered?

If you are in any doubt about the delivery status of your order, please contact the online store you have ordered from directly, with the relevant details, and they will be able to advise you of your order status.

2. How can I receive a refund for the goods that I have purchased?

We do not hold any order or delivery details and are unable to process refunds or cancel transactions on behalf of the stores who use our service. Therefore, if you have a query about deliveries, refunds or the return/exchange of any items purchased, you should contact the store you have ordered the goods or services from directly.

3. Why does a transaction on my statement refer to CashFlows?

You have purchased a product or service from one of the many businesses that use CashFlows for their billing services. Please refer to your order confirmation email and contact the store that you made the purchase from directly if you have any queries about your order status.

4. I am unable to identify the store that I made the purchase from, what can I do next?

We process a large number of transactions for numerous businesses; therefore in order to assist you in identifying the store that billed your card, we will require the following information to be sent to

  • Date the amount was debited from your account.
  • Exact Amount which was debited from your card and the description on your card statement.
  • Type of Card and the last 4 digits.
  • The cardholder's full name.
5. I've been unable to contact the store what should I do now?

The online store is responsible at all times for any queries relating to the payment and fulfilment of your order.

Unfortunately, if you have been unable to contact the online store you have purchased from, we can only recommend that you contact your card issuer to raise a dispute and/or approach the relevant consumer rights organisation for your region for further advice.