Smart Phone API

The CashFlows Smart Phone API has been designed to bridge the gap from simple brochureware apps into fully functional mCommerce applications integrated with a compliant payment gateway and a single UK/EU merchant account.

The Smart Phone API is lightweight and extremely easy to integrate, providing you with complete control of your payment infrastructure and a truly 'In App' experience for the consumer.

As the payments are processed by an authorised payment gateway any PA-DSS restrictions around the storing and transferring or card details are seriously reduced.

Mobile App Developer Partner Program

If you design and build mobile app for a range of clients and are interested to learn more about how CashFlows Smart Phone API could turn your Mobile Apps into Revenue Streams, please join our Mobile App Developer Partner Program by contacting us at:

Smart Phone API Integration Guide

If your app requires a fully functional mCommerce infrastructures, please:

Smart Phone API Integration GuideDownload the Smart Phone API Integration Guide
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