User guides

Account management


Account Management System Guide

The Account Management System Guide provides an introduction to how to use the Account Management System (AMS) to manage your CashFlows Merchant Account including: financial management, transaction management, gateway integration and making remittance payments.

Download the Account Management System Guide (PDF 3.4 MB)


Dispute Management Guide

The Dispute Management Guide will give you an overview of what chargebacks are and how to protect yourself against fraud.

Download the Dispute Management Guide (PDF 647 KB)

Product user guides


Virtual Terminal Guide

The Virtual Terminal Guide provides an introduction to how to use the Virtual Terminal to make a Mail Order and Telephone Order payment from your customers.

Download the Virtual Terminal Guide (PDF 292 KB)

Integration guides


Hosted Payment Page Integration Guide

The Payment Page Integration Guide details the process of integrating CashFlows to process payments for customers buying from your online store. The guide explains how to integrate your site with the CashFlows secure Hosted Payments Pages and how to setup secure transaction callbacks so you know when a customer has made a purchase.

Download the Payment Page Integration Guide (PDF 1.27 MB)


Remote API Integration Guide

The Remote API Integration Guide explains how to integrate your site with CashFlows - where you collect all customer and card details and pass them directly to us for authorisation. It also explains how to receive and interpret the response to card authorisation requests and how to send a payment request to the payment gateway.

Download the Remote API Integration Guide (PDF 241 KB)


Account updater integration guide

Account Updater allows clients to automatically check for updates to customer card details. Updates may be because of a card being lost or stolen, a card being replaced, or a new card with a new expiry date being issued. This minimises failed transactions and the time-consuming need to contact the cardholder to update manually. This guide explains how to integrate Account Updater with CashFlows, and pass the information on to Visa and Mastercard for processing. This guide also explains how to receive and interpret the responses and updates from the card schemes.

Download the Account Updater Integration Guide (PDF 2.4 MB)


Gateway services


Gateway Services User Guide

The gateway services user guide provides an introduction for gateway customers on dashboard navigation, transaction monitoring, reporting plus hosted payment page and virtual terminal customisation and configuration

Download the Gateway Services User Guide (PDF 1.2 MB)



Payments API integration guide

The Payments API provides straightforward programmatic access to functions that request card authentications, authorisations, fund captures, refunds and other operations that can be performed on a payment card. This guide provides instructions on how to integrate with the API.

Download the Payments API Integration Guide (PDF 1.2 MB)



Remote auth integration guide

This document gives instructions to gateway providers on how to integrate their gateway into the CashFlows acquirer network.

Download the Remote Auth Integration Guide (PDF 292 KB)