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Website compliance

As an online business you are required to comply with various Card Schemes rules, industry regulations, our Terms and Conditions and the following website requirements:

Product/Service details

The products and services displayed on your website must match the description and category of those recorded on your application. If you redirect to a different URL for part or all of the products and services, then this website must also match your application details.

  • You must own or provide the products or services you supply.
  • You must not sell products or services on behalf of a third party.
  • Your website must clearly state the delivery timescale for your products and services.
  • Your website must clearly state the currencies you can accept.
  • If subscriptions/memberships are offered, it should clearly list the number and frequency of the payments.

If you intend to sell a new product or service that is in a different category than your current offering, please contact our applications team before adding these to the website.

Contact details

You must clearly display on the website the following contact details to your consumers:

  • business registration/store name
  • full postal address (inc. main country of domicile) of your registered office
  • a contact telephone number - This will be tested to ensure that it is connected to your business
  • an email address - The email address displayed should match the address provided and which is quoted in the transaction confirmation email.

Terms and conditions, refund policy, privacy policy

Terms and conditions must be clearly displayed on your website and contain all the required information and disclosures to be compliant in all the regions that your business trade in.

An unambiguous refund/returns policy must be displayed on your website enabling the consumer to review the policy details before they make a payment.

Your website must contain a privacy policy, stating what information you are collecting and what you intend to use the information for.


Acceptance Logos

Your website must display the logos of the payment methods that can be accepted through your CashFlows Merchant Account. If you are using the CashFlows hosted payment page the card logos that you can accept will automatically be displayed on the payment page. However you are also required to display on your website the card logos at the point the consumer enters the store.

By adding trusted card logos such as Visa and Mastercard to your store you will enhance shopper confidence and encourage them to make a purchase.

VisaVisa DebitVisa ElectronMastercardAmerican ExpressVerified by VisaMastercard SecureCode

The "Payments Powered by CashFlows" logo must also be displayed on your website ideally alongside the card logos at the point the consumer enters the store. This reassures your consumers that their payments will be processed by a recognised secure merchant service provider. The "Payments Powered by CashFlows" logo must also be hyperlinked to http://www.cashflows.com

Powered by CashFlows

Adding the card logos

We recommend that you source the images directly from the CashFlows image library by copying the code below:

<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/visa.gif alt="Visa Credit - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/visa_debit.gif alt="Visa Debit - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/visa_electron.gif alt="Visa Electron - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/mastercard.gif alt="Mastercard - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/amex.gif alt="American Express - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/vbv.gif alt="Verified by Visa - CashFlows">
<img src=http://www.cashflows.com/hubfs/support/images/cards/spa.gif alt="Mastercard SecureCode - CashFlows">

<a href="http://www.cashflows.com/" target="_blank" title="Payment Processing - CashFlows - Opens in new browser window"><img src="https://www.cashflows.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Payments-Powered-By-CashFlows.jpg" border="0" alt="CashFlows Payments Processing"></a>