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Shopping is central to the human experience. It’s how we provide sustenance for our families, and how we acquire the items that define us.

In the 21st Century, how we shop is now almost as important as why we shop. Technology has empowered us, by making shopping more convenient and customer-centric. It has also provided us with an unprecedented level of choice.

That’s important, because with so much choice at our fingertips, how, when, and where we shop becomes an ethical and political choice. It’s how we tell the world a little bit about ourselves.

The pandemic has accelerated many retail trends, the obvious being the explosion in ecommerce, but the true impact of the pandemic runs much deeper. Understanding this impact is critical to success - if you don’t know your customers, you cannot meet their needs.

So, how have your customers changed? What are their new values? And how can you inspire them with joyful experiences? In the wake of COVID-19 these questions really matter. Here, we set out to provide some answers.

Inside this Research Paper:

Values vs. convenience
What shoppers want
Creating joy at purchase
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