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How to get the most out of your reporting


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In today's fast-paced business world, data is king. But for many businesses, especially those new to payments, untangling the wealth of information available can feel overwhelming. That's where robust reporting tools come in – your secret weapon for unlocking the true potential of your payments and grow your business through data-driven insights.


Why Reporting Matters

Informed Decision Making: Reports shed light on customer behaviour, sales trends, and popular payment methods. This knowledge helps you tailor your offerings, identify areas for growth, and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Identify bottlenecks and optimise your payment processing workflows. Reports can reveal peak transaction times, highlight recurring issues, and pinpoint areas for streamlining operations.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Reports help you identify customer preferences and tailor your service accordingly. Offer faster checkout options for popular payment methods or personalised promotions based on past purchases.

Reduced Fraud Risk: Detailed transaction logs allow for real-time monitoring and fraud detection. Analyse suspicious activity and implement preventative measures to protect your business and your customers.


Tips to Take Your Reporting to the Next Level

Ready to unlock the full potential of your payment reporting? Here are some actionable tips:

Schedule Regular Reviews: Integrate report analysis into your regular business review cycle. Track trends over time to identify patterns and measure the effectiveness of any changes you implement.

Answer the right questions: Ultimately what really matters is what questions you want answering in order to improve your business.

  • How is my business performing compared to last week/month/year?
  • Which are my busiest days and times of day for sales?
  • How many customers do I have and how often do they buy from me?
  • How many new customers have I gained this week/month/year?
  • How often do transactions get declined and why?
  • What % of my sales happen online versus in-person?
  • Which of my branches is performing best/worst?
  • What payment methods do my customer prefer?

A monthly dashboard that answers questions like these will help you to get a handle on your business and means you’ll spot any trends or red flags. Going forward, you will be able to use these insights from your data to ensure that your strategy is customised to your business, rather than wasting time implementing changes that don’t resound with your clients, as well as identify problems and troubleshoot before they impact your customers.


Investing in Your Success
At Cashflows, we believe in empowering our customers with the tools they need to thrive. That's why we offer robust reporting features that are easy to understand and navigate. Our dedicated support team is also here to help you interpret your data and leverage its insights for success.