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Cashflows Portal

Real-time payments reporting with Cashflows Portal

Intuitive, feature-rich, flexible. Your online account – we call it Cashflows Portal - gives you access to your data and payment tools in an accessible and easy to use interface.

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Cashflows Portal
Real time data

Make decisions with real-time data

Monitor transactions in real-time. Compare sales volumes or values for weeks and months in the dashboard. Understand your payment trends, manage acceptance rates, and export your data for reconciliation or use in your other systems. There’s so much you can do with our easy to use reporting tool.

Optimise your payments

You can set-up automated emails to optimise abandoned payment sessions from your payment pages; Control and customise your remittances; Access a virtual terminal with payment links; And configure your payment pages. All through your Cashflows Portal.

Let your sales teams make more sales

Empower your team

With unlimited access, you can create and manage users with access permissions to control access to your data and payment tools. So you protect your business while enabling your team to build it.

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