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Cashflows Account Updater

Recover lost revenue with Account Updater

For subscriptions, memberships and recurring payments, now there’s no need to chase details for expired cards: Reduce declines, save admin, and keep your customers loyal with Account Updater.

Keeping your card payment information up to date can be a pain. But it doesn't need to be. With Account Updater, lost or expired cards are not a problem. It’s a timely, efficient and cost-effective solution to decrease declines and boost your business.

Anytime Settlement

Reduce card declines and failed payments

Out-of-date card data is no longer a problem for recurring payments. You make a payment request, we update the card information. We work directly with Visa, Mastercard and the card issuers to check and update details. No hassle for you, just fewer declines, meaning more revenue to your business.

Save the cost of manual updates

Your team has better things to do than chase your customers to update expired or out of date card details manually. Get your teams working smarter by automating the process. With Account Updater, you can automate checks, so your team is free to focus on what matters most.


Improve customer experience

No one likes admin. Save your customers hassle by updating details for them automatically. Your customers receive a consistent, seamless service without the bother of stopped accounts or extra admin.

Want to recover lost revenue?

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