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Anytime Settlement

The Mindful Shopper

How have your customers changed? What are their new values? And how can you inspire them with joyful experiences? In the wake of COVID-19 these questions really matter. 

Cashflows’ research shows changing consumer demands in the post pandemic world.

The Mindful Shopper

Need for Speed

Despite many innovations and improvements to faster payments over the years, 2020 proved that more needs to be done to support businesses. The Bank of England estimated that in order to survive throughout the pandemic, British companies could face a total cash flow deficit of £140 billion.

In our faster payments research report we look further at how business cash flow has been impacted and how technology could provide the solution and transform businesses.

Need for Speed


A Simple Guide to SCA

Preparing for the Strong Customer Authentication legislation changes can be a challenge, especially when the directions are full of complex clauses and jargon.

With our simple guide to SCA we break down these complex clauses and jargon to provide you with easy to follow information, which can help you stay secure and provide a better customer experience. 

Simple Guide to SCA

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