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Pay Faster, Pay Easier with Click to Pay

Introducing Click to Pay - the ultimate digital wallet that takes the hassle out of online shopping. With just one click, your customers can easily navigate through the checkout process.

No more tedious and time-consuming process of entering payment details on every site. Click to Pay securely stores their payment credentials, making checkout a breeze every time.

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CF - Click to Pay

More secure online transactions

The best part is that your customers financial information is always safe. Click to Pay uses Mastercard's industry-leading encryption and tokenization technology to keep their banking information secure. The trusted banking relationship is leveraged to verify customer identity and authorize payments using secure tokens instead of actual card numbers.


Without limits

Click to Pay offers a seamless online shopping experience that is both convenient and safe. This helps you to reduce abandoned carts, so your customers can speed through checkout, and keep their financial information safe and secure with their trusted bank. So, enable your customers to start shopping without any worries or limitations, and let them enjoy a hassle-free checkout experience with Click to Pay.

With Click to Pay, customers experience:


Increase approvals, conversions and reduce fraud by securing guest checkout through tokenisation and removing interruptions to the consumer journey.


A single, simple integration that works across networks and consumer devices, offering a streamlined experience embedded directly into your merchant website checkout flow



Intelligent user recognition for faster checkout with intuitive registration at both the merchant website or via the mobile banking app


For customers customer, Click to Pay means:

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Universal Acceptance

Use Click to Pay on any device or browser where Mastercard is accepted.

Enhanced Security

Advanced technologies protect your customers information, providing peace of mind with every transaction.

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Seamless Checkout

No more entering card numbers. Your customers enrol and save their card details for quick and effortless payments.

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