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Did you know you're an ISO?


Cards overtook cash as the most popular way to pay in 2017, according to UK Finance. Yet around three million of Britain's small businesses do not accept card payments*. The sector is under-served.

You’re an online gateway, e-commerce shopping cart provider or accountancy platform, and have a host of SMEs on your books. Might these customers also require payments services? Getting customers set up with payment acceptance may not be your core business. Don’t worry, because it’s ours.

If you have direct relationships with customers but do not offer payment services to them yourself, you can still cross-sell payments with support from CashFlows.

We can support you as an ISO (independent sales organisation) for payments. This gives you the potential to increase incremental revenue and customer ‘stickiness’ – all without the CapEx, accreditation and staff upskilling requirements.

We know payments

CashFlows is a payment acquirer. We’ll take care of the set up and funds settlement on your behalf through our FCA licence and membership of all the major card schemes. We’ll also deal with all the behind-the-scenes stuff to make payments happen e.g. legal red tape and technical integrations.

Your focus remains delivering your core service to customers and managing the relationship with them. We focus on the payments part. And with a decade-long history of working almost exclusively with partners, we know what it takes to make a partnership work. We’ve honed our processes for maximum speed and efficiency at minimum cost.

To find out more about CashFlows' ISO models or partnering with CashFlows generally, get in touch today.