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Why knowing your customer matters



We asked Anglian Home Improvements about their relationship with CashFlows and what makes a great acquiring partner.


How has CashFlows approached the relationship differently from previous acquirers?

We get a real sense that CashFlows is keen to understand our business and the home improvement sector. When we were first in discussions, CashFlows came to meet our leadership team, talk to staff and see our operations. They spent time understanding our order book, delivery and installation cycle. In fact, we’ve never had an acquirer look into our business in so much detail.


What did that mean in practical terms?

CashFlows was able to propose a risk management approach tailored to our business. This included a lower cash reserve and pricing that factored future risk. All in all, it freed up a significant amount of working capital that we could put towards growing our business.

From a technical point-of-view, we were also able to retain our relationship with our automated PCI-compliant telephony provider. This offered continuity to our staff and customers and reduced migration costs.


What has been your experience of CashFlows’ customer service?

Excellent. CashFlows has been responsive and genuinely interested in learning more about our business. We have regular review meetings, which are worthwhile for both parties. We feel that CashFlows is a business partner for the long-term.


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