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BIN sponsorship


BIN sponsorship

Want to cut the red tape and get to market quicker? BIN sponsorship partnerships are the answer. Here is your introduction to the world of BIN sponsorship.

The payments landscape is dynamic with new products and services constantly being brought to market. The combination of funding sources, use cases and target audiences is almost endless. Take prepaid cards, for example. The propositions range from travel to gift, remittance and beyond. The end customers are as varied.

Programme managers with winning propositions in one market may be looking to overseas growth. Similarly, independent ATM deployers with successful businesses in one sector or country may be looking to expand to others. Payments is a dynamic and competitive space, where first-mover advantage counts. So, speed-to-market is critical for both new and existing payment programmes.

This is where BIN sponsorship comes in.

BIN sponsorship is the quick and convenient alternative to joining a card scheme directly. A scheme-assigned BIN (bank identification number) enables organisations to process card payments through that scheme. These BINs are only assigned to scheme members. 

However, becoming a direct scheme member may be complex and time-consuming. There’s a lot of form filling. Supporting documentation, registration fees, certifications and collateral are also required. Then there is the ongoing scheme compliance and reporting, which is time- and resource-intensive to keep on top of.

BIN sponsorship is the simple alternative. It also offers coverage, especially if your BIN sponsor is a direct member of all the major international schemes: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa, and able to process card transactions on your behalf.


How Cashflows can help

Cashflows is an experienced and reliable BIN sponsorship partner. We’ve been actively involved in BIN sponsorship since 2010. We currently work with the largest independent ATM deployers (IADs) across Europe, and are the principal ATM sponsor for the UK’s leading transaction processor. We’re proud to have settled £1.7 billion from 35,000 ATMs in 2016.

We make project implementations simple with slick on-boarding. We’re partner agnostic and already work with all the major schemes, processors and manufacturers. We’re always open to working with new ones.

Our dedicated, in-house staff have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the often complex world of BIN sponsorship. We’re also there for you with support and strategic insight at regular formal reviews.

Cashflows is competitive on price and flexible on pricing models for all types of BIN sponsorships: ATM, acquiring and issuing. In the case of prepaid programmes, Cashflows can offer both issuing and acquiring services, simplifying supplier relationships, cutting costs and reducing the collateral requirements for the loading of prepaid card programmes.


To find out more

Visit our ATM BIN Sponsorship page to find out ore information on how Cashflows could help your business.