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Busting the myths around omnichannel


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We’re busting some of the myths around omnichannel to show you why the holy grail of a seamless experience that brings customers back, time and time again, is absolutely within reach for your business.


Isn’t it just accepting different payment types?

Accepting your audience’s preferred payment types is key, - every customer wants choice - but omnichannel payments involve much more. It's about a consistent and frictionless experience across all touchpoints, including gateways, shopping carts, service, and fulfilment. Payments are one cog in a whole omni-machine of things that, together, make a difference to customers.


It’s only relevant for large corporate businesses.

You might think omnichannel is only feasible for large corporations with massive resources. However, smart, cloud-based tech advancements make it easy for businesses of all sizes to implement omnichannel payment solutions. Small businesses also have the added benefit of being more agile when implementing new solutions, without clunky infrastructures to slow them down and increase costs.


It's all about having swanky tech.

Sure, tech matters. But fail to consider the overall customer experience, and you might end up with a pretty bland result. Providing the human touch at customer interactions and making sure interfaces are people-friendly can really help to differentiate your offer.


It’s way too complicated for a business like ours.

Omnichannel payments sound complex and difficult to implement – and depending on your existing tech, it can be a challenge. However, working with experienced payment solution providers simplifies the process. Choose the right partner for your business, and they’ll do your heavy lifting.


Customers aren’t that bothered. It’s just an industry thing.

Research shows otherwise. Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. They expect the flexibility to switch between different channels based on convenience, with no change in the quality of their overall experience. They might not call it omnichannel, but they know a great experience when they see one.


The price is way too high for us.

There are costs associated with implementing an omnichannel payment solution, but long-term benefits, such as increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and improved loyalty, can outweigh any initial investment. Remember, the cost of doing nothing and getting left behind might be higher than you think.


Doesn’t omnichannel make it harder to keep payments secure?

With proper security measures, including encryption, tokenization, and compliance with industry regulations, any risk can be minimised. In fact, you’ll have a wider and deeper view of how your customers interact with you, enabling more robust and informed risk decisions.


Omnichannel can solve all of your business' problems.

We wish! Omnichannel payments are not a silver bullet for all business challenges. It can significantly improve customer experience and make payments more efficient, but other aspects, such as product, pricing, and marketing, are major drivers of success. It’s combining all of these into a customer-focused strategy that earns long-term loyalty.

When properly implemented, omnichannel payments can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce buying friction, and increase overall efficiency. Worth checking out, don’t you think?


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