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Commodity or customer - what matters most?



In an age where social media posts and online reviews can dictate share prices, it’s unsurprising that customer experience has become a key battleground for brands.

For smart businesses, creating a positive user journey is the new marketing. Indeed, a study by research and advisory specialists Gartner found that 89 per cent of brands now compete on customer experience.

It’s no different in the payments world, where speed and convenience of service can now mean as much as price and, according to some, the product itself.

Payments businesses are under increasing pressure to go beyond developing what’s possible to delivering what’s needed. In practice, it means designing and building products from the customer up.

CashFlows’ own research supports this. Our customers, who are often dealing with large volumes of money, tell us that they value ease of integration, speed of service and lack of friction across all platforms.

Enhancing customer experience is just one of the reasons we’ve developed services such as Continuous Settlement and Account Updater.

Continuous Settlement is helping our customers get paid quicker and Account Updater cuts out the need to manually chase updated card numbers, resulting in operational efficiencies that ultimately take up less of the end customers' time.

And whilst we’re proud of our flexible attitude to pricing, we know that what we do for our customers and how we make them feel is just as important, if not more so.

It’s important to think about this when choosing a payments provider.

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