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For any business, volatile cash flow is a worry. Here’s our solution



Cash flow can be affected by a range of factors. A common one is slow or delayed payments.

Normally, cash from customers who’ve paid by credit or debit card won’t appear in your account for at least three working days. Include weekends and holidays and it can take even longer.

But just think of the impact on your business if card payments showed in your bank within an hour.

Cashflows’ Continuous Settlement service does exactly that.

Whether you’re selling cars, designer watches or bespoke jewellery, the difference Continuous Settlement can make to a firm’s cash flow can literally be measured in thousands of pounds. Each and every day. 

For Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), offering Continuous Settlement to your partners is a real point of differentiation.

Better still, CashFlows’ Continuous Settlement is incredibly competitive when held up against the relatively few other players offering this type of service.

Cash flow is the nemesis of every business.

Continuous Settlement might just be the solution that gives you the confidence to invest in new branches or product lines, or even expand your business development team.

Continuous Settlement is one way to help your business enjoy continuous growth.