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COO Helen Smith explains how investing in our own tech has given Cashflows a clear advantage


2021 is all about growth for Cashflows and our customers. We’ve spent last year doing the legwork, analysed every corner of the business and transformed our organisation and our capabilities.  As we move into the next exciting phase, there are two neon signs flashing above Cashflows which I believe make us stand out.


1. We do things differently

It might be something of a tired phrase in the corporate world, but let me tell you why at Cashflows, we really do. Focus is a rare privilege in business, but we’ve built up an incredible, skilled and experienced team who are committed specialists in our priority sectors of retail and financial services, while always delivering for our customers and partners. They have experience of working in and with traditional payments players as well as exposure to the frenetic world of start-up fintech. We see Cashflows as occupying the sweet spot between the two – focused and structured, while innovative and agile. It’s a combination which we think makes us unique. 

Miles away from forcing off the shelf solutions, we love an off the wall opportunity – a different selling or distribution model, a brand-new product or a diversification play. In fact, anything that gives our team a chance to flex its creativity and show what we can do. Our dedicated delivery team works hand in hand with the tech folk, defining the problem we’re solving, questioning the experience we’re creating and testing appeal to customers. And right across the organisation, we work hard to make sure every one of our team remains connected to our customers, whatever their role. 


2. We own our platform and gateway

Just saying this gives me a thrill. Notoriously in financial services, getting access to development resource can be painful. We often have to fight to have the right projects prioritised on tech pipelines, and when you’re competing with other businesses and other teams, the outcome isn’t always the one you deserve. Instead - long wait times, high costs, disappointed customers, frustrated teams. 

Our tech was built by us, for us, to do exactly what we need it do, which is to solve problems for our customers. We often say that we develop only things our customers need, but while this is true, it’s important to note that doesn’t mean we wait to be asked. Our team has a mastery of our core markets and invests time in identifying the best opportunities for us to build for, so we can be on the front foot in taking new solutions to our customers.

Keeping our tech in-house means our data integrity is protected. We know exactly the journey it takes, who can access it and how it’s used. As new international borders lead to more complicated data flows, we’re able to keep everything simple and more secure. 


Knowing who we are and where our strengths lie makes us focused and ready to deliver at pace. In a world of uncertainty and change, we think that’s a powerful place to be.