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Enabling Independent ATM deployers to take over bank sites



Banks are closing branches and removing onsite ATMs as customers use more digital ways to bank and pay. The number of ATMs worldwide fell for the first time in 2018 to 3.24 million, a reduction of one percent, research by RBR revealed.

Offsite ATMs have historically provided banks with a lower cost way of extending their services. But banks are assessing even these sites on a case-by-case basis to determine the most profitable locations. This has created opportunities for independent ATM deployers (IADs).

Operating with a lower cost deployment model, IADs are already taking advantage of the availability of vacant sites and have made significant gains in Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Spain, says RBR.

Markets with the largest proportion of IAD ATMs, 2019


Source: Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2024 (RBR)

In fact, the RBR Global ATM Marketing and Forecasts to 2024 report shows that IADs already account for the majority of ATMs deployed in six countries: Canada, Israel, Australia, UK, US and Poland.

How Cashflows can help

Cash will continue to play an important, if declining, role in society for the foreseeable future. The challenge for ATM deployers is providing the infrastructure to meet the expectation, if not the need, for cash as cost-effectively as possible.

ATM BIN sponsorship is a viable option as it offers access to the card schemes without having to become direct members. This cuts red tape, collateral requirements, cost- and time-to-market. IADs can draw on the expertise of their BIN sponsor, while focusing on their core business of fitting, filling and fixing ATMs. For more information about how BIN sponsorship works, watch this video

CashFlows has been an active ATM BIN sponsor since 2010 and has membership of all the major international card schemes. As well as being the principal ATM sponsor for the UK’s leading transaction processor, CashFlows currently works with all the largest IADs across Europe.

CashFlows is an experienced and reliable partner and is proud to have settled £2.2 billion from 38,500 ATMs in 2017. To find out more about CashFlows’ ATM BIN sponsorship, get in touch with us today.

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