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We asked floristPro about their relationship with Cashflows and why 10 years on it continues to grow.

“We’ve found CashFlows to be very responsive and personal. When we’ve built a website for a floristry client they just want to go live and start taking payments as soon as possible. CashFlows understand this urgency and make this happen”   

Can you tell us about floristPro?

floristPro specialize in designing and building websites for florists. We have a background and passion in the florist industry, and this combined with our IT expertise, provides us with a unique knowledge and blend of skills. To date we have designed over 600 websites from niche online retailers to industry award winning sites.

Where do you get involved in the payments process?

Part of the website build process is to incorporate customer payment options through the provision of shopping cart and gateway technology. We make recommendations based on our experience on acquirers – CashFlows is a trusted acquiring partner that we’ve been working with for around 10 years.  

What do you value about Cashflows' approach to customer service?   

Firstly, we have a dedicated Cashflows Account Manager. This provides reassurance that when we need something done our query isn’t just going to enter queue. We are kept up to date in a timely and professional manner. Secondly, we value the speed and quality of service from Cashflows that ensures our customers are connected to an acquirer and ready to take Mastercard and Visa payments at the earliest opportunity.