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How owning your tech means owning your future


Constant change creates opportunity - especially when you control your own tech - Ron Schteinberg
Managing change is an everyday state at Cashflows. The payments industry is in a constant flux of new regulations, user needs, and technical innovation and, as an organisation, committed to creating smart and relevant solutions to real-life business challenges. It’s important that we see change coming and that we’re ready to face it head-on. 
What’s different about Cashflows is that we fully own our technology – our platform, gateways, APIs, everything is designed, built, and managed in-house. This gives us the benefit of true agility; we’re not limited in the way we think about or design solutions. We have the power and the scope to build what’s right and impactful for our customers and partners within timeframes that we control. 
Prioritisation is entirely up to us. Without competing for resources, we can accelerate what’s important or reorientate towards new opportunities. We’re able to build powerful links with the best in technical partners, speeding up delivery and creating seamless integrations for customers. And we can create solutions that stand out and provide real differentiation in our markets – like Anytime Settlement, which challenges the industry standard delays in receiving card funds.
Of course, such flexibility can bring risk. When you have the freedom to direct your tech as you choose, it’s critical to make sure the projects you prioritise meet customer needs and deliver commercial value. Just because your smart tech has the capability to deliver something, it doesn’t mean any of your customers or partners will want to buy it, and that’s why we’re determined to harness our tech only towards viable opportunities. 
We’ve been working hard to align our product and tech teams around shared priorities and a unified roadmap. We’ve adopted a culture of ‘working backwards’ to get everyone thinking about what we want our end goal to be. For example, if we envisage a customer review or a press release – what’s the headline we’re striving for? Then we map out the process from that point back to the start, defining every step towards delivering the headline. It’s a sense check that keeps our customers and partners at the heart of our thinking and forces us to ask every day: why we’re doing the things we do. 
Our product and tech teams bring together a wide bunch of skillsets and cultures and, for a passionate techie who seeks a dynamic, impactful role at a time of huge industry transformation, it’s a super exciting place to be. Everyone who works here is empowered to shape and influence the decisions we make and the solutions we deliver. We are the change, and we make the difference. 
I’m in the early days of my Cashflows career, but I am confident that our agility, scope to prioritise, and ‘working backwards’ customer focus, all realisable because of our proprietary technology, will be key in helping us win for our customers, partners, and our teams. It’s a movement I’m proud to be a part of. 
Joining the technology team at Cashflows is an incredible opportunity - especially right now, as we embark on some truly exciting and industry-leading initiatives. We’re always interested in discovering new talent, so if you’re a tech superstar with experience, ambition, and drive, let’s start a conversation