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Making sure your online customers convert - it’s easier than you think!


so you've reeled them in, now how do you make them stay?

Even when a customer has visited your website and chosen what they want to buy, there’s still a risk that they’ll walk away and abandon their cart. The smallest of missteps on your site can have a huge impact, with a couple of extra seconds and checkout or a page struggling to load, giving visitors to your site extra time to reconsider their decision or lose patience.

According to data compiled by Statista in 2021, around

83% of orders on mobile devices in the UK were not completed, while 70% of baskets were abandoned on desktop browsers*.

There are lots of explanations behind the data: the most frequent being extra costs or delivery charges or the need to create an account - but many times it’s just people voting with their clicks when things take too long or become too complicated.
The same data suggests that 31% of shoppers end up returning to the same website to buy the item they abandoned, but that’s still a huge chunk of potential revenue lost for your eCommerce business. So, it’s worth investing time and resources to minimise the frequency that it happens to you.

Less time.

Enable customers to checkout without opening an account, so they don’t need to share too many details before they buy from you, particularly if they’re first-time customers. A good payments page, including a hosted one (HPP), should allow you to include your business branding so that the experience looks and feels like your website and gives customers a bit more comfort and security when paying.

For shoppers who do want to open an account, make sure you are able to offer them the ability to securely save their payment details on file through the payment page for when they revisit your website. This will make payment quick and easy for the next time they shop with you.

It is key to ensure that whenever shoppers wish to create an account with you or pay for using guest checkout, that it doesn’t take them too long. The fewer fields, the better, so using a drop-down address filler upon inserting a postcode, enabling automatic infilling of data, and making sure that all the fields fit on a single page without the need to scroll are all a good idea.

More choice.

Make sure you accept the big wallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal. Consumers love to pay using these payment types, as they avoid the need to type in card details, offer super-strong security and help smooth the transaction flow. When it comes to completing purchases, simplicity and speed are key to consumers, and mobile wallets offer both of these in spades.

If you’re feeling a bit abandoned yourself, talk to the team at Cashflows, and we’ll help you to get a handle on your basket and checkout. Together let’s maximise your sales and keep your customers coming back for more.


* Statista