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New technology is helping to reinvent the old ways to make payments.


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We used to call it MOTO (mail order and telephone order), and it meant cardholders writing their details on a form and sending it by post or sharing their details with someone on the other end of the phone, who then keyed them into a card terminal. Every business did things differently, and while it got the job done, the result was often a heavily manual process with a huge risk of loss and fraud.

We’ve come a long way since then, but that doesn’t mean the needs that drove traditional payment have disappeared. Taking payments by phone is still important for many businesses, especially those who take payments from home or on the go, use catalogues and printed marketing materials, or manage hospitality businesses. Some customers are looking for a little more reassurance and maybe lack confidence on the web, so they value a phone option where they can experience a more personal service from businesses. However, increasingly, new tech is reshaping the way your customers can pay invoices and make payments over the phone – making payments faster, more secure, and easier for everyone involved.

Today, no matter how we choose to pay, we expect every transaction to be secure and simple, and the new breed of MOTO is no different. Luckily, the right tech is on hand to deliver

The biggest risk when accepting payments by phone is that transactions and data become insecure. That means your business could fall short of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards, and because insecure transactions typically cost more to process, the fallout will hit your bottom line.

Virtual terminals help reduce this risk. Using an online portal, you can take the cardholder’s details over the phone and key them straight in for processing, with no need to write anything down or to store data. All you need is a device with an internet login and, with the potential for unlimited users, it’s perfect for team members on the move or working remotely.


The use of virtual terminals is forecast to explode as a result of remote purchasing across both B2B and B2C segments, with estimations that the value generated will increase* from $9 bn in 2018 to $78 bn in 2027.


Especially for B2B customers, offering a simple and safe digital way to pay can avoid delays and reduce your admin. Many providers now offer a Pay by Link solution, which enables you to insert a web link into your customer invoices, emails, or SMS, taking them to a secure payment portal where they can enter their card details. It speeds things up, is super convenient for customers, and makes every transaction a secure transaction.

Digital might be growing fast but don’t forget about using a phone and other communication tools, like emails and invoices, as a way to accept digital payments. By providing a greater choice of channels and options, even those that might feel a touch old-school, you’ll keep your customers happy, protect your data, win sales and improve your cash flow.

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*Transparency Market Research