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Origin Broadband: why knowing your customer matters



We asked long-term partner Origin Broadband about their experience with CashFlows and what makes a great acquiring relationship

How have CashFlows approached the relationship differently from your experience of previous acquiring relationships? 

They don’t appear to take a blanket approach by applying the same principles to all customers. They want to learn about your business and they spend time doing so. Their ethos is very much about offering a payment and service proposition that best supports you.

What does that mean in practical terms?

We’re a company that is in a growth mode. We want our partnering suppliers to understand our strategic direction and story. CashFlows has taken the time to understand our business in great depth which has resulted in them offering much improved risk terms. This has enabled us to channel money that would have otherwise have been locked down back into the business.

Can you tell us what it is you like about CashFlows approach to customer service?

CashFlows genuinely care about us as a customer. They’re in contact regularly offering a courteous, friendly and professional service. In summary they take a proactive approach to account management which we very much appreciate.