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Putting developers first: Why payments documentation matters


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When it comes to developer experience and integrating a new payments system for your business, clear and accessible documentation is paramount to enable a smooth and simple experience. 

                                                                                                                                            However, this is often not the case, with many payments providers still relying on:

Outdated PDFs: Relying heavily on static PDFs makes updates a nightmare. Lack of version control often leads to users using outdated information that can cause confusion or delays.

Cumbersome online documentation: Online documentation intended for developer use can often be clunky and outdated. Basic features like search and speedy loading times are often missing, slowing down the process and causing frustration.

Creating simplicity for developers

Developers and businesses looking to self-integrate to new systems deserve better user experiences that prioritise clarity, ease-of-use, and speed of integration, making onboarding with a new payments provider a seamless experience. Choosing a payments provider that has put thought into their user journeys, especially their documentation and integration process will mean your business gets up and running fast, minimising downtime and reducing costs.

                                                                                                                                              At Cashflows, our brand new Developer Portal has been designed with our customers and developers in mind, boasting several key features, including:                                       

Flexible and fast, using the latest technology: The portal delivers a smooth experience for both users and content creators.

Simple self-integration: Streamlined documentation empowers users to integrate independently, reducing reliance on our implementation team.

Improved user experience: Changes across the board make working with Cashflow's online solutions easier, from integration to troubleshooting.

Docs as code: We're embracing a "docs as code" approach, ensuring content is treated just like any other codebase – version controlled and readily updatable.

One-stop shop: This portal acts as your central hub for all documentation needs, offering a "one-stop shop" for developer support.

Continuous improvement: We're committed to ongoing development, using analytics to refine and improve the portal based on user behaviour.

Ultimately, making the developer journey as smooth and efficient as possible is crucial to supporting businesses to integrate their payments systems quickly and simply, allowing them to start taking payments as soon as possible.

Clear, up-to-date documentation is critical, enabling businesses and developers to seamlessly self-integrate, troubleshoot, and utilise systems with greater ease.

To find out more about our new Developer Portal check out the press release here or get in touch with our team.