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The partnership enable FinTechs to drive positive disruption in digital payments through agile technology

CashFlows & Manigo harness POWER OF Mastercard IN EUROPE

Cashflows and Manigo partner with Mastercard to offer companies next-generation banking and payment products

CashFlows and Acquired.com launch integration with Anchor

Anchor customer now have access to most advanced payment technologies to help implement their collections and payment strategies 

CashFlows Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

December 4th 2019 - CashFlows is delighted to announce the appointment of Helen Smith as Chief Operating Officer

CashFlows Helps HyperJar Launch 'World's Smartest Payment App'

CashFlows is excited to be providing BIN Sponsorship to HyperJar, the first app to offer direct payments from unlimited segregated accounts

How local authorities can minimise collection costs

Government austerity measures mean local councils are having to do more with less. Maximising income collection and minimising the costs of collection are critical

Commodity or customer - what matters most?

In an age where social media posts and online reviews can dictate share prices, it’s unsurprising that customer experience has become a key battleground for brands

One week on - reflections of Money2020

Wow, what a week and what an event Money 20/20 is turning into. Bigger than last year and so many new companies exhibiting