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Understanding omnichannel payments


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When you break it down, the idea of omnichannel is pretty simple. It’s the smooth, planned experience delivered by businesses to customers across every point of interaction they have with them. It should make life easier and more convenient, so they choose to come back more often.

Usually, it covers shopping in-stores, online, through mobile and app, and maybe over the phone, but as channels and tech advance, so does omnichannel (think voice-activated payments in-car, automated parking and vending, subscriptions, and much more).

Omnichannel should mean that, however customers browse, pay for, and receive goods, the journey they experience has been carefully considered and designed to be as simple, consistent, and convenient as possible.

Omnichannel should mean a win-win for everyone.


For customers:

Total convenience. Start shopping in one channel and complete in another, hassle-free. Don’t get frustrated by low stock in one channel and needing to check another, instead access complete stock information and pick up or delivery choices that suit you. Return goods painlessly, wherever makes sense. 

Choose how to pay. Cards, vouchers, digital wallets, local payments methods - it shouldn’t matter. Contactless or PIN, loyalty points or QR codes, pay quickly and safely with simple and secure refund processes.


For businesses:

Happier customers who spend more: Reduced online abandon rates, shorter checkout queues, improved loyalty, and increased repeat visits – all contribute to more sales and stronger customer relationships.

Juicy data-driven insights: Omnichannel payments provide valuable data around customer behaviour across all channels. Businesses are able to make smarter decisions and continually improve the way they do things.

Straight to the bottom line: Greater efficiency means lower costs. Add that to increased sales revenue and improved understanding of business performance – the advantages just keep stacking up.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shopper seeking a fabulous buying experience, or a business looking to drive extra value, a well-planned and implemented omnichannel strategy benefits everyone. 

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