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Delivering seamless boarding experiences

Jul 18, 2023 4:34:09 PM

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Customer: Acquired.com
Business: Payments & Treasury Services
Customer since: 2017
Solution: Fast Onboarding
Take-away: Perfecting customer experiences
Introducing Acquired.com

Acquired.com offers custom-built payment and treasury solutions to businesses from a wide range of industries. Through a consultative approach, they aim to accelerate business growth for their customers. Acquired.com prioritises data-driven solutions that improve efficiency and offers actionable insights for optimisation.


Why Cashflows?

“We wanted to work with a payments partner that we could grow alongside and would take the time to truly learn about and understand our business and our customers. We have received amazing support from the Cashflows team, who have been dedicated to making sure we understand the technology and get the most out of their systems. We have also had access to customised reporting, which has been invaluable to us in understanding more about our customers’ needs.”


"The improvements we have seen in application processing with Fast Onboarding with Cashflows have been game changing. They have really set the benchmark for other acquirers."
Our solution
  • Fast Onboarding, combining human and artificial intelligence to make the applications process faster, more efficient, and more transparent.
  • A dedicated account management team for unparalleled attention and support.
  • Customised partner reporting, providing invaluable insight into merchant needs and behaviour.  
  • Cashflows acquiring for secure and reliable payments processing.

Our success

“Out of all our partners, Cashflows has been the most successful at reducing average boarding time. We have been able to reduce one of our key company metrics, our time to decision, processing applications in under 48 hours. This has enabled us to not only have our customers up and working faster, benefiting their company growth, but also to process more applications, growing our business as well.

The application process with Cashflows is also a lot easier compared to our other partners. In the portal, you can save an application in progress and use automatic form fills for company information, which saves a lot of time. Tracking applications from start to finish also helps us to provide a clear timeline to our customers and ensures we have clear visibility of the progress of applications.

We are currently working towards automating processes across Acquired.com to increase reliability and consistency. We’re really excited to be making applications and boarding much easier for our customers and being able to provide them with the best possible customer experience alongside our partners at Cashflows. Going forward, we will be looking to build custom APIs with Cashflows to help us to accomplish our goals of improving our customer journey.”


75% reduction in time to decision