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Cashflows and Acquired.com launch integration with Anchor


Cashflows and Acquired.com launch integration with Anchor

LONDON, December 17th: Anchor, the market leading loan management platform has completed its integration between payments technology provider - Acquired.com and multichannel payment specialist CashFlows.

This new integration allows Anchor’s existing and future client base to have the option of adding the most advanced payment technologies to their payment and collection strategies. Providing access to new products such as Account Updater - which combines Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard’s Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) service in a single integration; richer decline data which enables intelligent transaction routing; an end-to-end reporting suite, full dispute management along with a world class support team.

Commenting on the new partnership, Jonathan Bennett, Chief Commercial Officer at CashFlows, said: “Anchor’s lending and lease management platforms reach every single corner of the financial services space, so the CashFlows-Acquired.com integration is a significant development and a powerful endorsement of our solution. Thanks to a combination of access to more raw payment data and superior technology, we’re able to help lenders on the Anchor platform pull away from the pack when it comes to increased right-first-time collections and better customer experience.”

Acquired.com MD Rob Clark commented “At Acquired.com, we exist to unlock significant value for customers hidden within the payments eco-system. By partnering with CashFlows we have been able to deliver bespoke solutions throughout the lending sector, partnership is a core strategy in delivering Acquired.com’s purpose. As such, this integration with Anchor is a testament to three market leading providers collaborating to reinvent the way processing is handled while increasing the customers’ bottom lines”.

 Anchor CEO Paul O’Sullivan said: “We’re really excited about teaming up with Acquired.com and CashFlows as it is clear what they’re offering is a game-changing solution for collections, data insights and account management technology. So far, integrations have been completed seamlessly with zero friction for customers using our Sentinel and Journeyman products and we’re already seeing results on how it has enhanced their experience.”

 He added: “At Anchor, we also attach importance to value-led partnerships. It’s pleasing to know then that Acquired.com and CashFlows share our core aim of developing long-lasting client relationships through best-in-class technology solutions, with the customer at the forefront.”    

About Acquired.com

Acquired.com is a world leading payments technology platform, custom designed to unlock hidden value in payments because Acquired.com believes there is more to payments than processing. With a deeper understanding of the entire payments eco-system and a proven track record of co-creating great payment strategies for clients, Acquired.com has created a the most advanced, data-rich, end-to-end payment platform available. Using never-seen-before data, ground breaking technology and deep partnerships Acquired.com’s award-winning payment solutions are empowering businesses to drive significant and tangible improvements in their payments value chain regardless of their transaction requirements while also reducing cost, friction and risk. Acquired.com is regulated by the FCA as a PISP Number 900594.

About CashFlows

CashFlows’ payment solutions enable businesses to accept omni-channel payments from all major international card schemes, plus issue innovative prepaid products to customers. At the heart of our operation is our cloud-based platform, providing a flexible and scalable foundation for our services.

At CashFlows decision making is quick; development is collaborative, and staff are experts in their fields.

CashFlows is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an electronic money institution, and is a principal member of Visa, Mastercard and other major international card schemes.