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Payment gateway

Securely connects your systems with ours

To enable your business to process credit and debit card payments online, your business must connect to a payment gateway

The CashFlows' payment gateway delivers everything your business needs to accept a range of card payments from your website or through your call centre using our virtual terminal.

The CashFlows' payment gateway also has a range integration methods allowing for different levels of control over the payment process and technical experience.

Rest assured our team will be there to assist you every step of the way to get you live and accepting card payments through your website as soon as possible.

Integration methods

To connect your business to our payment gateway we provide a range of payment gateway integration methods allowing for different levels of control over the payment process.


Hosted payment page - The hosted payment page integration method provides a quick integration to the online payment gateway and full payment page functionality.
Remote API - The Remote API allows you to collect the card payment details on your own website, allowing full control of all aspects of the online payment process.
Shopping carts - Working with third parties we indirectly support a large range of shopping cart plug-ins for many of the main eCommerce shopping carts currently in use.



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