Online Payment Gateway

To enable your business to process credit and debit card payments online, your business must connect to a payment gateway.

The CashFlows' Payment Gateway delivers everything your business needs to accept a range of card payments from your website or through your call centre using our Virtual Terminal.

The CashFlows' Payment Gateway also has a range integration methods allowing for different levels of control over the payment process and technical experience.

Payment Options

The CashFlows' Payment Gateway combined with your Merchant Account enables your business to accept the following card types:

Visa Credit Visa Debit Visa Electron Mastercard Maestro American Express Verified by Visa Mastercard SecureCode

The CashFlows' Payment Gateway also provides the following payment options at no extra cost:

Defferred Payments Deferred Payments - allows your business to review the order and payment details for the risk of fraud before releasing the transaction for processing and collection of funds.

Continuous Authority Payments Continuous Authority Payments (Recurring Payments) - allows your business to collect repeat payments for instalments or subscriptions without the customer having to re-enter their card details for each payment.

Mail and Telephone Orders Mail and Telephone Orders - Our Virtual Terminal solution allows your business to collect payment details via a mail and telephone order and for the payment to be processed via our Payment Gateway.

Benefits to you e-Invoice Payments - Our e-Invoicing service is the most efficient way your customers can pay, as it allows customer to pay by credit on debit card via our Payment Gateway.

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Integration Methods

To connect your business to our Payment Gateway we provide a range of payment gateway integration methods allowing for different levels of control over the payment process.

Hosted Payment Page Hosted Payment Page - The Hosted Payment Page integration method provides a quick integration to the online Payment Gateway and full Payment Page functionality.

Remote API Remote API - The Remote API allows you to collect the card payment details on your own website, allowing full control of all aspects of the online payment process.

Smart Phone API Smart Phone API - The Smart Phone API provides you with complete control of your APP's payment infrastructure and a truly 'In App' experience for the customer.

Shopping Carts Shopping Carts - Working with third parties we indirectly support a large range Shopping Cart Plug-Ins for many the main eCommerce shopping carts currently in use.

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Transaction Management

To manage your transactions in real-time our online Account Management System provides your business with the functionality to:

  • Search for transactions between two dates
  • Deferring payment acceptance by marking transactions as 'ON HOLD', this will prevent transactions being settled
  • Void transactions before they are settled, this transaction will not be settled.
  • Refund transactions
  • Download the transaction report in a range of formats
  • View transaction validation results and payment response codes.

Unlike other Payment Gateways our Account Management System also provides your business with full access to your Merchant Account and your Remittance Account statements and functionality.

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Fraud Prevention & Security

CashFlows provide a range of online fraud management services, to help secure online payments and reduce your expose to fraud including: 3D Secure (SecureCode Mastercard, Verified by Visa), Address Verification Service (AVS) checks, CVV (CVN/CVC) checks and a shoppers country blacklisting process.

We also have an in-house Fraud Screening Service that uses a range of data services including TC40 and SAFE reports to flag certain transactions as 'High Risk of potential fraud'.

The Fraud Screening Service provides ongoing analysis of Transaction and Chargeback data enabling us to refine it's decision making rules and a merchants potential exposure of fraud.

Transaction security

All transaction information passed between merchant sites and our systems is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted and any messages sent to your servers from us are secure and tamper-proof via SSL.

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