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Cashflows partners with Matchable: Challenging ourselves to make a difference.


At Cashflows, we are always on the lookout for new ways to encourage our employees to grow and make a difference.

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Matchable, which offers our teams the chance to volunteer at non-profit and high-impact start-ups that truly make a difference. All these opportunities are also virtual, meaning that we’ll be able to start participating right away! We look forward to seeing all the projects our colleagues get involved in.  With their focus and passion, we are sure that they will have a huge impact.


Introducing Matchable

Matchable focuses on changing the way companies do business by embedding volunteering opportunities into the day-to-day. By offering employees the chance to work with non-profits and high impact start-ups on innovative projects, Matchable encourages us to give back in areas we are passionate about, supporting upskilling and personal growth while doing so.

Learn more about Matchable and what they do. 


Our Support

We will be fully supporting our employees to get involved and give back by offering two additional days off, fully paid, for volunteering with Matchable. At Cashflows, we know how important it is to provide opportunities for our teams to get involved with projects they really care about and enable their personal development through genuine and creative opportunities to gain new skills. We are delighted that Matchable has offered us the perfect way to help both our colleagues and our community.

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