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Celebrating employee success


We sat down with Sandeep Vegad, 3 times winner of our internal Max Achievement Awards about his experience at CashFlows, and what makes us different 


In 2017, CashFlows launched the quarterly Max Awards through which employees can nominate each other for going above and beyond their role in the following categories:

  • Max Service
  • Max Innovation
  • Max Improvement
  • Max Commitment
  • Maxing the Bottom Line

The nominations are reviewed by our executive directors and the lucky winners receive vouchers to spend at any one of over 800 retailers through our employee engagement platform, ‘CashFlows 2 You’.

Sandeep has worked at CashFlows for just over two years as a Senior Risk and Fraud Analyst and has an impressive track record of winning three Max Awards. He has been praised for his natural ability to build relationships with partners and his leadership skills.

We sat down with Sandeep to find out what he enjoys most about working at CashFlows and to get an insight into a typical day in the Fraud Investigations team:


Firstly, congratulations for winning three Max awards. How do you think CashFlows has contributed to your success?

Thanks!  The awards I have received have been from my peers who have taken the time to thank me for when I have helped them, so it’s fantastic to work for a company where hard work is rewarded.

I have been fortunate enough to get involved in many different projects where I can use my existing knowledge to add value, but I’ve also benefited from the teams around me – who have no doubt contributed to my success from the day I joined.


You have worked for a handful of companies from HSBC to Experian. What makes CashFlows different to these larger corporations?

I would say CashFlows is defined by the people that work here. The open-door policy is great here as in larger companies you would have to send an email to someone in the same building as you. At CashFlows, you can stroll over to someone’s desk with an issue that needs addressing rather than just sending an email and waiting for a response. Because of this, decision making is always quick.

Another great thing about CashFlows is that you have autonomy in your role and I am not held back by policies and processes.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a career as a Risk and Fraud analyst?

You need to have attention to detail and an inquisitive nature to be a Risk and Fraud Analyst. This may sound a bit geeky, but you need to have a genuine interest in Microsoft Excel (this can be hard to find!). I initially worked in fraud administration before progressing into an analyst role and the International Compliance Association provide some great diplomas on financial crime if you want to learn more.


Great, this is definitely something we can pass on to new recruits. What exactly does your job involve, and what is a typical day like?

We have a number of different reporting and investigative tools that we utilize within the risk team as well as good old fashioned gut instinct. We monitor for increases in chargeback / fraud levels and then drill down into possible drivers for these increases. It’s also important, as a Risk and Fraud team that we look out for early indicators of negative behaviour that could pose both a monetary and reputational risk to our business. We provide guidance to various business functions such as the support team whom often refer potentially suspect activity (any intelligence we receive is greatly appreciated) as well as our onboarding team whom we work with collaboratively as a sound board to provide guidance and advice. There are multiple projects we are involved with such as BIN Sponsorship and Scheme compliance. I thrive on the fact that no two days are the same, and the work I carry out has a direct impact on the betterment of our business.


Finally (and most importantly) what have you been spending your vouchers on?

I have been getting stuck into quite a few DIY projects! I have just built a sunroom at home, so the vouchers have been a great help.


Since interviewing Sandeep, we’re pleased to say he has been promoted to Fraud Manager. Congratulations from us all.

If you think you’d suit a role at CashFlows – either in Risk or any one of our many functions, visit the careers section of our website.