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How to choose the right card machine for your business


Image of Cashflows SmartPOS card machine with the copy: Making the most of your card machines. Choosing in-person payment solutions to support your omnichannel experience; mnichannel; in-person payments; card machines; card terminals

An omnichannel strategy enables customers to browse, pay for, and receive goods, conveniently and seamlessly, whichever channel they choose. For in-person transactions, that usually involves a card machine - and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Today’s card machines offer so much more than processing payments. Choose the right one, and you’ll create another valuable touchpoint for enhancing experience, collecting data, and building loyalty with customers.

Here’s what to look for when choosing an in-person payments solution - one that complements and improves your omnichannel offer.

Security: Using encryption and tokenisation, every card machine should keep cardholder and transaction data secure. They can also help businesses to stay compliant, reduce PCI burden, and use the latest fraud tools to minimise risk.

Data: By seamlessly integrating data from online and in-person transactions, businesses gain a granular view of how their customers behave, which enables them to make smarter business decisions. Up the experience stakes further, by using payments data to create personalised interactions and targeted messages and promotions.

Ease of use: Card machines shouldn’t demand extensive user training or operational support. They should be simple and intuitive to use and quick to get set up and started, with helpful support tools to answer your questions and needs as they arise.

Reliable and scalable: Look for card machine brands you know and trust, backed up by a reliable platform that won’t let you down. Make sure there’s room for growth so that  if your business expands or sales increase (or decrease), your terminals and payments platform can adapt.

Connectivity: Whether selling in-store, taking your business on the road, or taking orders by phone, you need a terminal that works in every environment. Look for 4G mobile, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity so you never miss out on a sale.

Ways to pay: Whatever the channel, customers expect to make payment by their choice of card, digital wallet, and contactless. Make sure your terminals are ready and can keep pace as new payment types emerge.

All the extras: Do you want to go the extra mile? SmartPOS machines build a bridge that connects to a limitless world of new functionality - one which is changing and growing every day. If you’re using an Android device, the Android app store opens up all the business tools you’ll ever need, including CRM, inventory, EPOS software, and much more.  

It’s easy to think about omnichannel as being all about the payment gateway – and, of course, an efficient and connected gateway is key to making everything work seamlessly. But your customers can’t see the tech behind the scenes, so it’s important that the bits they do see and touch, like your website, your apps, and your card machines, all work together to present your business and your brand in a positive way.

Choosing the right payment card machines as part of a well-planned omnichannel payments strategy will help make sure that every part of your sales experience encourages customers to do business with you and to keep coming back.

To find out how we can help you with your in-person payments, click here or compare our range of card machines to see which one is right for your business.