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How to ensure switching payments provider remains stress-free


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Switching payment providers can feel daunting. Despite more than half (52%) of SMBs indicating that they would be open to switching payments providers, our research showed that many do not know how to do so, or how to ensure they’re choosing a payments provider that can meet their needs. Businesses are often also hesitant to switch due to concerns about cost, complexity, and poor customer support during the process1. Worries about excess downtime or unexpected delays or problems mean many decide to stick with their current provider, despite the fact that this may mean losing out on better value for money, advanced tools and features, scalability for growing businesses, and payment options that can drive significant benefits for both the business and their customers.

So, what should you look for to ensure that if you choose to switch, the process is fast, seamless, and easy, so you can get the payment solutions you want without the annoying downtime?


Fast onboarding

Ask your potential new payments provider how long you can expect to wait before having your account set-up. A good provider should be able to have most businesses set up and taking payments within two business days.


Dedicated account management and customer support

Ensuring the support of a dedicated account manager and customer onboarding team will make switching provider far easier, ensuring you have the help you need at every stage of the process and can talk to someone quickly if you encounter any problems.

You also want to make sure that this support will be ongoing past onboarding to help you take advantage of your new payment systems. There should be a competent customer success team and clear and regular updates and information sent to you about your payment systems, new features, and how to make the most out of your payments, especially your data.


Comprehensive training

Getting comfortable with a new system is key. Make sure the payments provider you are switching to offers the resources you need to fully take advantage of your new systems, including your payment dashboard, data reporting, and control over payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Virtual Terminal, and Pay By Link.


Easy integrations

Ensuring your chosen payments provider can integrate into your systems easy and quickly will be vital to a smooth transition. Make sure your provider already has the capability and technology to do this and to integrate into any future systems you may choose to use.


Good reviews

Reading case studies, reviews, and checking out Trustpilot is always a good way to ascertain how easy switching to a different payments provider will be. By learning about the previous experiences of their customers you are likely to learn of any shortcoming or difficulties on the art of the provider and what you can expect should you choose to move.



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