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Prepaid programme management


There are so many businesses out there with fantastic ideas for a prepaid proposition. Perhaps it’s a travel card, remittance card or just simply a general spend reloadable card.

But how do organisations materialise these opportunities if they don’t have the right internal prepaid expertise? This is where the role of a programme manager steps in. A programme manager can look after the full end-to-end process allowing organisations to focus on their core businesses and reap the rewards.

Some programme managers offer the whole package. They are licensed issuers and processors and have contracts in place to manufacture their cards as well. These companies are definitely an option when seeking out a full management solution, however maintaining these licenses and facilities costs – and these costs invariably get passed on to clients.

An alternative for programme managers is to partner up to offer these services. The role of the programme manager in this case is managing the supply chain. This means finding a BIN Sponsor to issue your prepaid card; a manufacturer to produce, personalise and distribute your cards; a processor to facilitate transactions and an acquirer for card loading. The results may be just as good and at a fraction of the operational costs.

The key to any successful prepaid proposition is a fully supported, end-to-end programme management solution. This means effective partnerships, and this is where CashFlows can help!

CashFlows is an experienced and reliable BIN Sponsorship partner. We’ve been actively involved in BIN Sponsorship since 2010 and are principal members of Mastercard, Visa, Discover, UPI and JCB. Our BIN Sponsorship offering not only saves you the complex, costly and time-consuming effort to become a direct scheme member but also offers our expertise on building your very own programme management solution.

In addition to issuing your prepaid cards, our dedicated in-house staff have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through the process of getting a management solution live.

We can also provide the required acquiring services to process the card loads and leverage our supplier relationships to make referrals to our trusted partners. These include processors and card manufacturers, who we’ve enjoyed working with over many, many prepaid projects.

What prepaid programme managers need to operate efficiently is a way of overcoming internal resource and expertise challenges. Cashflows can help.