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Faster settlement for card payments

CashFlows now offers same-day settlement, giving you quicker access to working capital

Accepting international cards this summer could boost your ATM business

If you're an independent ATM deployer, but don't allow your customers to withdraw with international cards, you could be missing out on a significant source of revenue

One area of the UK economy which shows no sign of slowing down is tourism.

Experts at VisitBritain, the UK’s national tourism agency, say the sector is growing at an annual rate of 3.8 per cent will be worth £257bn by 2025.

Inbound tourism spend - that’s visitors from overseas - is increasing by around nine per cent a year.


Testimonial: Account Technologies

Account Technologies are a rare innovator in the lending sector, with the need for a bespoke payments solution that only a truly collaborative partnership can provide 

Mythbuster: card acceptance for local authorities

With funding cuts yet a growing demand for services, local authorities must square an almost impossible circle. Could card acceptance offer a solution?

For any business, volatile cash flow is a worry. Here’s our solution

Running a profitable business is no guarantee of a steady cash flow. But there are ways to bring stability to your firm’s income streams that don’t cost the earth

Has your e-commerce business outgrown its payments provider?

With the growth of ecomm comes an ability for bedroom businesses to start up, and scale up, quicker than ever. But as your business grows, so do your payments needs

Improving local authority collection rates with a nudge

Local authorities are increasingly looking at behavioural insights to maximise income collection at minimum cost

5 reasons why we are your perfect payments partner

CashFlows is renowned for providing sector-specific payments solutions to over 25 lending platforms. Why do they come to us? Our brochure highlights 5 key reasons

Helping businesses flourish

We asked floristPro about their relationship with CashFlows and why 10 years on it continues to grow