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Cashflows and Collection Pot launch real-time pay-outs via Visa Direct

Collection Pot, powered by Cashflows, can now distribute real-time funds to cards through Visa Direct

How to survive and thrive post-lockdown

Old habits die hard, but what about new ones? We consider five buying behaviours adopted during lockdown and the implications as restrictions are lifted

How buying behaviours have changed

Three months into lockdown, consumer spending patterns are looking different. We examine how

Collection Pot, powered by Cashflows, partners with Tesco

Cashflows and Collection Pot unite to offer Tesco Digital Gift Cards

Pivoting for success during the Covid-19 crisis

What are the key questions to ask when it comes to getting paid online and on the telephone?

Encoded partnership offers faster card payments

Encoded has announced a new partnership with Cambridge-based Omni-Channel Payments Provider, Cashflows

How Covid-19 is changing spending patterns

With brick-and-mortar businesses closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we look at how customer spending has changed.

How local authorities can minimise collection costs

Government austerity measures mean local councils are having to do more with less. Maximising income collection and minimising the costs of collection are critical

Commodity or customer - what matters most?

In an age where social media posts and online reviews can dictate share prices, it’s unsurprising that customer experience has become a key battleground for brands